A Gateway to Powerful C-Store Data and Media

Your first-party shopper information and touchpoints, including your POS data, loyalty programs, and digital assets, are invaluable to CPG marketers. It helps them better connect with consumers, generate new insights, and optimize their marketing efforts, including where they invest their retail media dollars.

The Value of Axonet

Most C-store chains don’t have the scale (the number of locations and the number of addressable consumers) on their own to monetize their shopper data with CPGs or realize the potential of digital advertising revenue. We’ve created a gateway that aggregates information from thousands of C-stores, resulting in a deep and significant resource for CPG marketers and an exciting revenue opportunity for you.

Tap into a new, high-margin revenue source

Competitors in adjacent verticals, such as big box, grocery stores, and dollar stores, are already reaping the benefits of retail media revenue. Axonet lets C-stores monetize their first-party shopper data and consumer touchpoints as part of an aggregated data and retail media network. This gives C-stores the resources to compete with their expanded set of competitors. In other words, Axonet transforms C-store data and media assets from irrelevant to invaluable.

Leverage your unique audience

Sixty-two percent of C-store visitors come in for same-day consumption, providing a differentiated customer base seeking quick trip convenience. Compare this to only 28% of drugstore consumers who shop in those stores for same-day consumption. Until now, CPG marketers had no high-volume, high-quality way to access this incredibly valuable C-store audience.

Differentiate the guest experience to drive loyalty

Using Axonet, C-stores can differentiate their loyalty programs by delivering personalized content and offers to their guests, all while leveraging CPG-funded engagement programs. Axonet integrates into existing loyalty programs and technology stacks—enabling C-stores to join the Axonet network without having to change their loyalty and mobile programs.

Leverage scale and industry-leading capabilities

Our aggregated network delivers scale that few C-store chains in the US can achieve on their own, providing access to new, profitable revenue streams. Powered by our industry experts and best-in-class partners, Axonet provides turnkey capabilities that reduce time to market and improve overall revenue and profitability.

Get an experienced partner

Axonet is owned by retail technology expert W. Capra Consulting Group, an industry leader in providing forward-thinking, business-focused advisory and professional services to C-store retailers. We know the challenges C-stores face and the expanding opportunities that exist. We created this solution to help you meet this moment.

Let’s Create a Gateway Between You and CPG Marketers