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C-store shopper data and retail media are invaluable but underutilized because the C-store landscape is dominated by small chains, independent owners, and stand-alone locations. However, aggregated together, first-party shopper data and retail touchpoints from thousands of C-stores can help expand and enhance your opportunities to grow sales, deliver better customer experiences, and drive loyalty.

Axonet Solutions for CPGs

Axonet offers CPGs two products that can be tailored to fit advertisers needs: 
Axonet Audience’s data clean room provides CPGs with access to fully-consented, addressable consumers with transactional and behavioral insights across C-store retailers. This privacy-compliant environment allows you to collaborate with Axonet audiences, refine your first-party data, and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Axonet Activate provides CPGs with a single view for activating new C-store audiences and for measuring return on ad spend across channels. This one-stop-shop supports Offsite, On-Premise, and On-Site/In-App ad buys – helping you manage and optimize your ad spend across omnichannel touchpoints. 

The Value of the Axonet C-Store Retail Media Network

Historically, the C-store industry has been too fragmented to provide significant advertising opportunities or data insights. We’ve created a deep and significant resource that pools information from thousands of C-stores into a single, powerful platform delivering valuable first-party data and a new retail media network.

Expand your retail media reach into convenience stores

The Axonet C-store Retail Media Network lets advertisers execute more effective and measurable campaigns in a largely untapped retail vertical: the local convenience store.

Leverage aggregation

In the past, advertisers have been challenged to execute C-store campaigns at scale due to fragmentation in C-store location ownership. Axonet resolves this problem by providing advertisers with a one-stop shop to reach shoppers across multiple convenience store brands and geographies. As a result, CPGs can more easily drive national promotions, take advantage of in-store media opportunities, and use off-site media such as social, search, and display ads.

Influence the impulse buy

Sixty-two percent of C-store visitors come in for same-day consumption. Previously, there was no high-quality way for a CPG to access this incredibly valuable audience. Axonet gives advertisers the ability to drive buys from these “immediate consumption” shoppers by creating better customer experiences and improving brand loyalty.

Measure performance on advertising spend

Axonet Activate gives CPGs the ability to measure return on ad spend across Offsite, On-Premise, and On-Site channels.

Get an experienced partner

Axonet is owned by retail technology expert W. Capra Consulting Group, an industry leader in providing forward-thinking, business-focused advisory and professional services to retailers. We are helping to connect retailers with brands nationwide, allowing brands to connect with the valuable C-store audience.

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