Driving in-store customer engagement through AI-driven, personalized audio messaging


[Chicago, IL – February 29, 2024] Today, Axonet and Qsic announced a new partnership that provides CPG brands the opportunity to connect with convenience store shoppers in-store through audio out-of-home retail media.

This strategic partnership offers C-store retailers access to Qsic’s AI Audio Platform creating a new channel of on-site ads in the Axonet C-store Retail Media Network. “Audio Out-of-Home” is the next generation of Retail Media advertising that plays audio ads and music in-stores. Leveraging first party data, Qsic’s AI-driven technology enables retailers to target specific audiences depending on various store attributes and timing – right at the point of purchase.

Qsic is the market leader in AI-driven audio retail media and will play a critical role in Axonet’s omnichannel C-store shopping engagement ecosystem. With Qsic’s turnkey offering, C-stores will have access to everything – from audio design and layout to hardware and installation – to seamlessly integrate audio retail media in stores.

John Reiss, VP of Business Development, said, “As audio out-of-home retail media continues to grow, it will be integral for retailers to set themselves apart from competitors. Stores that have implemented Qsic’s platform are seeing a 15.4% increase in average incremental sales volume. For CPG brands, audio retail media enables them to engage with customers in-store directly along the path to purchase. With most C-store transactions occurring inside a store as “impulse-buys”, there are few better ways to connect with those shoppers and influence purchases on-site.”

With Qsic, Axonet’s Activate solution will now connect CPGs and C-store shoppers via audio retail media through the same, single view as Axonet’s other media channels, including Meta and Trade Desk. CPG brands will have the ability to measure store, campaign, and SKU data and track performance with just a touch of a button.

Nick Larkins, Qsic Chief Product Officer, said “ We are thrilled to partner with Axonet to redefine the in-store experience for convenience shoppers. Our AI-driven audio platform is not just about playing music or ads; it’s about creating a personalized and engaging shopping journey for each customer. Through our collaboration, we aim to transform every visit into an opportunity for C-stores to connect with their customers in a meaningful way, driving both satisfaction and sales. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to innovate retail media in-store, making it more dynamic, responsive, and ultimately, more successful.”

The impact that Qsic will have on C-store retail media is significant. Across the media landscape, brands are looking for innovative and personalized ways to engage with their customers. By leveraging industry-leading AI-driven audio retail media, brands can enhance their C-store consumer journey directly at the point of purchase, creating a unique in-store experience that will drive brand loyalty.



About Axonet
Axonet improves shopper experiences and omnichannel marketing performance transparency (including off-platform, on-premise, and in-app) by aggregating and normalizing store, SKU, and loyalty purchase data at scale across a nationwide network of C-store retailers. We facilitate an improved value exchange between retailers, CPG brands, and the difficult to reach audience of high frequency, impulse-driven, and immediate consumption convenience guests.


About Qsic
Qsic, is the world’s fastest-growing in-store retail media platform and is revolutionizing the retail sector with its AI-driven audio technology. Qsic specializes in transforming retail environments into dynamic spaces that not only engage customers but also drive tangible results and revenue. Qsic’s advanced audio platform, which blends cutting-edge technology with smart retail media strategies, is proven to not only improve the in-store experience but also directly increase sales. This approach is key in enabling Qsic’s retail partners to significantly increase customer engagement and drive revenue.

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Media Contact:
John Reiss
Vice President of Business Development, Axonet